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KDB355S I/N: 0069761

350mm Segmented Diamond Saw Blade

KDB355S I/N: 0069761

350mm Segmented Diamond Saw Blade


Upgrade your heavy-duty cutting with Kango’s 350mm Segmented Diamond Blade. Designed to be tough, Kango Diamond Blades are engineered through hot press sintering to maximise the blade’s diamond bond strength. During each cut, segment slots in the blade compensate for heat expansion....
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Key Features

  • Diamond Pro
  • Longer Life
  • Fastest Cuts
Where To Buy

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Diamond Pro

Unmatched diamond retention for longer life

Longer Life

Engineered for maximum life

Fastest Cuts

Engineered for faster cuts in all materials


  • Blade Diameter 350mm
  • Arbor size 25.4mm
  • Bush size 22.2mm
  • Max Speed 4

What's Included

350mm Segmented Diamond Saw Blade

22.2mm Bush

20mm Bush

16mm Bush