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KJK75 I/N: 0098417

75mm Stainless Joint Knife

KJK75 I/N: 0098417

75mm Stainless Joint Knife


Kango's versatle Joint Knife isn't only useful for applying the base coat of compound onto plasterboard. The flexible tapered blade can fill in nail indents and architrave gaps (even in tight spaces) and swiftly scrape away dried compound and flaky paint. Each knife has a metal strike cap...
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Key Features

  • Strike Zone
  • Longer Life
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Gold Stainless Steel
Where To Buy

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Strike Zone

For creating bigger, regular depressions to fill

Longer Life

Engineered for maximum life

Limited lifetime warranty

Protection against defective product

Gold Stainless Steel

Gold stainless steel for faster, easier cleaning


  • Blade Width 75mm