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KPBS1214 I/N: 0466398

1140mm 12/14TPI Portable Bandsaw Blade

KPBS1214 I/N: 0466398

1140mm 12/14TPI Portable Bandsaw Blade

Cut through various metals including cast iron, copper pipe, stainless steel, aluminium, sheet metal and plastic with the Kango 1140mm 12/14TPI Portable Bandsaw Blade. Made in the USA, it’s designed for use with portable band saws and enhanced with high speed steel and tooth protection for...
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Key Features

  • Maximum Blade Life
  • Deep Gullets
  • Variable Tooth Design
  • Tooth Armour
  • Thin Kerf Design
  • Made in USA

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1140mm 12/14TPI Portable Bandsaw Bladeexpand_more

Maximum Blade Life

Enhanced HSS and tooth protection for increased blade life.

Deep Gullets

Prevents clogging, whcih results in faster cuts.

Variable Tooth Design

Provides versatility for cutting in more materials.

Tooth Armour

Increases blade life and performance.

Thin Kerf Design

Generates faster cuts and more cuts per charge.

Made in USA

Manufactured in the USA.


  • Packaging Dimension 177.9 x 19.05 x 488.95 mm
  • Weight 0.26 kg