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KYIDB3 I/N: 0354542

3mm Impact HSS Drill Bit

KYIDB3 I/N: 0354542

3mm Impact HSS Drill Bit

The Kango 3mm Impact HSS Drill Bit is designed for drilling clean holes into metal, timber and plastic with an impact driver. The titanium-toughened coating reduces friction and heat buildup to support extended use and performance.

The 135° split point tip helps to prevent the Impact HSS...
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Key Features

  • Chamfered Edge
  • ¼” Hex shank
  • 135° split point
  • Thicker Core
  • Rapid eject flute

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3mm Impact HSS Drill Bitexpand_more

Chamfered Edge

Drill bit tip features four cutting chamfers, providing maximum material contact, delivering faster drill speeds and cleaner holes in metal

¼” Hex shank

Suitable for drilling into metal, wood, and plastic

135° split point

Prevents bit from wandering unintentionally from its starting bit

Thicker Core

Thicker core design is a tapered core design where the core is thicker at the base and is thinner towards the top of the bit which results in less bit breakages.

Rapid eject flute

Variable flute geometry, rapidly ejects chips and material, for faster more efficient drilling


  • Size 3mm