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KHDB19S3 I/N: 0354538

HSS 19 Piece Set

KHDB19S3 I/N: 0354538

HSS 19 Piece Set

Kango HSS Drill Bits are suitable for drilling into a range of metal, wood and plastic materials. This set includes 19 Drill Bits ranging in sizes from 1mm-10mm.

Four cutting chamfers on the tip provide maximum material contact, cleaner holes in metal and supports faster drill speeds. The...
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Key Features

  • Four-Cut Design
  • 135° Split Point
  • Chamfered Edge
  • Rapid Eject Flute

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HSS 19 Piece Setexpand_more

Four-Cut Design

Four-cut design for maximum material contact and faster drill speeds

135° Split Point

135° split point for more precision

Chamfered Edge

Chamfered Edge

Rapid Eject Flute

Rapid eject flute


  • Weight 0.72
  • Packaging Dimensions 190 x 126 x 52

What's Included

1mm HSS Drill Bit

1.5mm HSS Drill Bit

2mm HSS Drill Bit

2.5mm HSS Drill Bit

3mm HSS Drill Bit

3.5mm HSS Drill Bit

4mm HSS Drill Bit

4.5mm HSS Drill Bit

5mm HSS Drill Bit

5.5mm HSS Drill Bit

6mm HSS Drill Bit

6.5mm HSS Drill Bit

7mm HSS Drill Bit

7.5mm HSS Drill Bit

8mm HSS Drill Bit

8.5mm HSS Drill Bit

9mm HSS Drill Bit

9.5mm HSS Drill Bit

10mm HSS Drill Bit